One stop crypto management dApp for businesses!

Creating the most convenient way to manage and grow crypto on multiple accounts, wallets and blockchains. For both transacting and yield earning.


One-stop dApp optimized for businesses.

Current-generation dapps are difficult to navigate for the average user, especially general business people who are not crypto traders or enthusiasts. CryptoZen employs a user-friendly interface that enables users to navigate and adapt easily to the whole system. Simple and functional! With a user-centric approach, here are some reasons its navigation helps users:

Key Features

Clear and easy navigation UI design with all functions aiming to enhance users’ understanding of how to use the product

Connect with MetaMask or Portis to easily gain access to our DAPP platform

Clear overview of all balances as well as detailed information on transactions


Easy transacting

Businesses are getting paid more and more in crypto while getting more request from suppliers and employees to get paid in crypto as well.Managing crypto assets is becoming an increasingly daunting task as the assets are spread out over different wallets, exchanges, blockchains and dApps.By using the CryptoZen Dapp, businesses can pay without having to worry which blockchain or crypto asset they want to receive and which one your business owns.

Key Features

More transactions made, more tokens earned!

Users can refer the DAPP to their friends and get token rewards.

Users get discounts on their transaction fees by holding on to their earned tokens


DeFi & Yield earning integration

We integrate with the most popular DeFi mobile apps and generate more users via this integration. By integrating the most popular DeFi apps on the market, we can easily gain more users and make it convenient for them to both swap and join yield farming, earning up to 12% profit return annually.

Key Features

Connect to DEFI apps like YEARN and SWAP with an automated workflow.

Send transactions while swapping between different currencies without even needing the recipients' addresses.

Access DeFi features, such as yield earning features directly from the dapp.


Rob Eijgenraam

Anchor Chan

Billy Putra Barokah



Lead Developer

Two successful internet companies, helped grow 12 international startups to market leader, prominent fintech entrepreneur

Crypto marketing expert, helped over 20 projects for successful marketing. Experience in PR, social media marketing.

Blockchain | Node.js | Vue.js Developer. Experience in over 100+ blockchain development projects.


Azmie Suhaimi

Harvey Ma

Arjan Kuil

DeFi Strategy Advisor

Startup Advisor

UX/UI Design Specialist

Previously the Co-Founder of WeOne, a blockchain esports startup. Rocket Internet alumni and have experience working in global network agencies (BBDO/ Omnicom Grp)

Experienced in launching and scaling cross-border technology ventures while managing and building cross-functional areas, and in investments.

Accomplished background in digital transformation at large and complex organizations, startups, scale-ups and building my own company. Authentic. Balanced. Creative. Driven.

Nikita Andreev

Todd Hoch

Anthony Lai

Business & Finance advisor

DeFi Strategy Advisor

DeFi Strategy Advisor

Experience in Finance, investment banking, financial services and Corporate Advisory. Significant network in the region with direct contacts with investors, VC and family offices.

An expert in the crypto/blockchain industry with a proven track record of building and leading successful international teams in the industry.

Private equity investor in blockchain based companies and crypto currencies. Expert in DeFi solution field.

Development Roadmap


Start development


Testnet live

Fully functional MVP version

including Metamask login,

Ethereum / USDT Balance & Transfer

and No address feature 


Mainnet Live

Fully functional MVP version

including Metamask login,

Ethereum / USDT Balance & Transfer

and No address feature 


Basic CZ token development


Integrating more features

New features such as Address book, Detailed transaction overviews, User email system and link Ninja token transfer to live exchange rate


Paying commission fee on Binance mainnet,

and commission fee in token payment


Swap and compound functionality are live


Referral reward & wallet address integration 

Referral reward system begins.

Portis, Ledger and Trezor login are supported. Connecting CryptoZen Dapp with multi wallets. 


Compound / Yield farming integration

 (Inc ‘Risk’ Indicators)


Third party mobile app integrations

Including Easy payment integration,

Centralized exchange wallets (,

and Fiat onramp (

The most convenient crypto management dapp that rewards you for using it. Start using it today!

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